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UK Business Immigration 2024: What to Expect and What Not

News & Articles

UK Business Immigration 2024: What to Expect and What Not

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Business Immigration

In recent years, business immigration has become the hottest topic in the UK. In fact, you can often find business news in headlines due to grappling with skill shortages and economic challenges nowadays. Even in 2024, the picture will be nothing different. 

However, it cannot be denied that many overseas workers are applying for employment or coming to the UK to set up new businesses. And, if you are on the same page, you should have a clear outlook on the business immigration of the UK before going ahead. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss what you can expect and what you cannot. Keep reading.

What to Expect from UK Business Immigration This Year and What Not to

First of all, you should know that the UK does not support illegal work. That’s why every UK employer conducts right-to-work checks set by the UK Government to ensure no individual is being employed. As the right to work allows a limited period for individuals as per their immigration status, employers follow the right-to-work checks before the employee starts working, which you should also learn about before applying for business immigration. For instance:

  • Using Identity verification technology
  • A manual check
  • A Home Office right-to-work checks online

Conducting any of the above checks allows a business to take action against the individual/employee for working illegally. If you are caught with any of these right-to-work checks, it may cause you a civil penalty. On the other hand, a British employer may have to pay a hefty amount if they are not doing the checks correctly and are employing someone who has no right to work in the UK. 

In fact, the UK government has set the civil penalty at a maximum of £60,000 for every illegal worker from early 2024, compared to £20,000 in previous years. And, for employers, there are criminal penalties and jail for up to 5 years with an unlimited fine if caught employing someone with no right to work in this country.   

So, for both employers and employees, it is imperative to carry out and follow these work checks. Yet, before you apply for business immigration to work in Cheshire, UK, or start a business here, understand this rule and regulation. 

What More Changes Can You Expect Regarding Business Immigration in 2024?

The UK Home Secretary has recently announced a number of restrictions on business immigration to reduce illegal migration. Those rules and regulations are about to come into force in April of this year. For example:

  • For Skilled Workers, the salary threshold will be around £38,700, which is nearly a 50% increment from the current amount.
  • The UK government will abolish the Shortage Occupation List, reduce the salary by approximately 20%, and replace it with a smaller occupation list with this reduced general salary threshold. 
  • If you are coming to the UK as a care worker, you are no longer allowed to bring your family. It means your family has to apply for Family visas, where the salary threshold is also going to increase deliberately. 
  • The Graduate visa route will be reviewed.

Also, the Home Office has announced some updates to the Business Immigration rules, allowing different business activities for visitors in the UK, which came into force on January 31, 2024. To learn more, you should get in touch with the top business immigration solicitors in Cheshire so you can stay up-to-date about UK business immigration.

In Conclusion

If you need help with business visas and the immigration process in the UK, Intime Immigration Solicitors are here to help you. We will assist you throughout the application process and simplify the procedures by eliminating the complexities. Our business immigration solicitors ensure that you meet all the visa requirements. 

Contact our best business immigration lawyer today, or call us for a no-obligation assessment!

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