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Intime Solicitors are experts in UK Visas and Settlement Applications.

Expert UK Immigration Solicitors

Global Talent

Intime Solicitors are experts in UK Visas and Settlement Applications.

Global Talent Chester Manchester UK
Global Talent Chester Manchester UK

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Global Talent Visa 2021

The Global talent visa formerly known as the Tier 1 exceptional talent visa allows talented individuals to work in the UK. The sectors through which the Global talent visa can be applied include Sciences, arts, humanities, technology, and engineering. Applicants must be given an endorsement by one of the six relevant endorsing bodies that engage with the Home Office.

Applications for endorsement in the fields of Science, medicine, engineering, academic research, and humanities, the Home Office will refer your application to the UK Research and Innovation, Royal Academy of Engineering, or the British academy whom will be responsible to make a decision on your application based on the information and evidence you have provided. Applications for technology are primarily referred to Technician, the endorsing body set up to make decisions on applicants wishing to enter the UK to progress their talent in the Technology sector.

How do you make an Application for the Global Talent Visa?

Applications are made from within the UK if you are switching from one of the following visa categories: Tier 1, 2, 5, Startup, Innovator, or Tier 4 general. These are the only categories from which you may switch to the Global Talent Visa. If you are applying from outside the UK, you are required to apply at your nearest visa application center.

How long does it take to process a Global Talent Visa?

This application does not take as long to process as some others. If you are applying from the UK and are switching into the Global talent visa from another visa category, your application should be processed within 8 weeks. Applications made from outside the UK have a much quicker turnaround at just 3 weeks. All applications and endorsements made for technology applicants may be processed even quicker as they can be fast-tracked.

Eligibility and documentation for the Global Talent Visa

It is crucial that the applicant gains endorsement by the relevant endorsing body before actually submitting an application to the Home Office for the receipt of the Global talent UK Visa. An original passport that is valid is required along with a TB test certificate if you are travelling from a country that is not on the TB exemption list. The endorsement letter and IHS payment is also mandatory requirement. In order to be successful in this application, 70 points are required. Points are given if

  • you have an endorsement letter
  • at the time of submitting your application, your endorsement letter is not older than 3 months.
  • if your endorsement letter has not been withdrawn.

When applying for a Global Talent Visa from within the UK, you must have not had your endorsement withdrawn, and most importantly you must evidence that you have earned money from your respected field.

How much does it cost?

Stage 1- Endorsement costs £456

Stage 2- Application Fee £152

Length of stay on the Global Talent Visa

Once your application is approved you are eligible to stay between 1 and 5 years after which you may extend on many occasions provided you meet the requirements. This route is also a route to the settlement which means you may apply to settle in the UK.

What is a recommendation letter and what should it contain?

These stringent criteria revolving around the letters of recommendation may be a little difficult to meet as the applicant needs to provide 3 dated and duly attested letters of recommendation by 3 different industry experts who have contributed to the growth of the technology industry. This letter must include details of the senior figure providing the letter, it must also have their credentials, how they know you, how the applicant would benefit from living in the UK and contributing to the Technology sector.

Stages of the Application

Stage 1- This is the first step that requires you to make the initial application for endorsement. This is submitted to the relevant endorsing bodies. This is the stage where we are able to guide and assist you to prepare for and submit the application. As mentioned above this will contain your ability, skills, aptitude, and achievements to date. The Home office will then review this and request one of the endorsing bodies to verify and examine the information provided. If your application is refused, you will have 28 days to submit a review.

Stage 2- This is the stage where the Application to the Home Office for the Visa will be prepared and submitted. At this stage, your initial application for an endorsement would have been approved, and a further application to the Home Office for the granting of your visa would need to be issued so that the Home office are also satisfied and no objections are raised.


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