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Marriage Visa- Marrying A UK Citizen

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Marriage Visa Chester Manchester UK

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A marriage or civil partnership visa is a short-term visa, which permits a foreign nationals to come to the UK to get married /register the civil partnership as well as give a notice of marriage /civil partnership in the UK. A person who enters the UK under this category cannot switch to any other category and can only stay in the UK for up to six months. They must also prove their intention to leave the UK at the end of their visit.

Our immigration marriage visa experts make the process of applying for a marriage visa in the UK simple and less stressful. Our licenced marriage visa solicitors and lawyers are experts to handle your application and guide you through the procedure till your spouse arrives in the United Kingdom. In addition, if your partner has previously been denied a UK marriage visa for any reason, we can assist you in appealing the decision of the Entry Clearance Officer or the Secretary of State.

If you meet the following requirements, you might be able to apply for a marriage visa:

  • You and your companion (sponsor) are at least 18 years old.
  • You are not a UK resident.
  • Your companion is a British citizen or has settled in the UK.
  • You’ve actually met your partner.
  • You expect to marry within 6 months of visiting the UK if you are engaged or hold a fiancé visa.

What You can do- You must marry or get into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival and use a venue licenced for this purpose. 

You are unable to-

  • Obtain government funds (benefits)
  • Invite Family members (‘dependents’). They must apply individually.
  • Live in the United Kingdom over extended periods of time through frequent visits.
  • Work – except for approved activities connected to your work or business overseas, such as attending meetings
  • Study – extend your visa or switch to another visa.

If you require a visa, you must apply online before travelling to the UK. You should make an appointment at a visa application centre to establish your identity and give your documents as part of your application.

Allow extra time for your appointment because the visa application centre may be in another nation. Your passport and documentation might be held by the visa application centre while your application is being processed.

You can apply up to three months before your arrival to the UK.

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Every visa has a certain requirement. For a UK Spouse visa, we will help you fulfil those certain requirements.


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Bringing your life partner to the UK is a life-changing experience. Obtaining a marriage visa is the first step toward gaining permission to live in the United Kingdom and it is the key to becoming a British citizen.

How is the Application Assessed?

When assessing the UK marriage visa application under this category, the Entry Officer must be satisfied that

  • The relationship is genuine.
  • That the person is free to give notice of marriage or enter into a civil partnership within 6 months of their arrival in the UK.
  • That the person applying for a marriage visa should be 18 years or older.
  • That the person should be able to support himself in the UK without recourse to public funds or working.
  • If you want to apply to bring your partner to get married or register a civil partnership as well as give the notice to marry in the UK, then talk to our expert immigration solicitor.

Our UK Marriage visa solicitors and immigration lawyers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge to handle marriage visa requirements.

Further Information

A British marriage visa is valid for 6 months.

Unless you pay an additional cost for priority service, the process usually takes 8 to 12 weeks from outside the UK. 

It is strongly advised that applicants do not book travel until they have received visa approval from the Home Office.

There could be a chance that your initial application for a UK marriage or spouse visa would be denied. This might happen for a plethora of reasons, including providing false paperwork, failing to disclose previous visa or immigration concerns, or expecting that the Home Office would be lenient or would locate information itself.

You should avoid making such errors so that the Home Office does not have a chance to deny your UK marriage visa application. Contact our experienced and licenced marriage visa solicitors and lawyers to get your UK marriage visa approved on time.

Hiring an immigration lawyer may cost you, but often it comes with various advantages. Having an immigration lawyer by your side, you can save time and effort and this will increase your chances of success.

Immigration lawyers will thoroughly guide you from the beginning till the end of the immigration process and help you understand your rights. They will also prepare paperwork for you and make sure that you have all the necessary documentation while applying for UK marriage visas.

Immigration lawyers will also validate the documents and forms you need to fill in. They will guide you to avoid mistakes that could negatively affect the outcome of your visa application. Moreover, experienced immigration lawyers have already handled many cases similar to yours, so they know what to expect from the procedure, how to prevent delays and how to improve your chances of receiving the desired result.

It will cost you up to £100 visa fee to apply for your UK Marriage visa.

UK Marriage visa

Married to uk citizen visa solicitor

Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors) helps UK residents who are trying to bring their foreign-born spouse and/or family members to the UK to join them. If your spouse and/or family members are from outside the EEA, we are excited to help you apply for a family visa UK to enter and remain in the UK. Our solicitors help applicants who are married to UK citizens understand the rules for family and spouse visa applications while providing the information they need to complete the application process successfully and avoid any mistakes. Our solicitors for married to UK citizen visas are dedicated to offering personal support and honest guidance on everything to ensure a stress-free application process.

UK Marriage visa

Solicitor for uk marriage visa application

Married to UK citizen visa involves plenty of requirements that applicants must fulfill. Our immigration solicitors specialised in UK marriage visa applications can help you understand these requirements and obtain a UK spouse visa with ease. The key requirements for a UK marriage visa-

  • You and your spouse have to be 18 years old or over.
  • You should have met each other and be legally married.
  • You must intend to live together permanently.
  • You must have enough money to support yourselves.
  • You have no intention of claiming public funds.
  • Your sponsoring partner must earn more than £18,600 per year or have enough savings.
  • You must fulfill the English language requirements.
UK Marriage visa

UK marriage visa extension in wales

A UK spouse visa or UK marriage visa involves several requirements that an applicant needs to meet to be qualified for UK immigration. One must show proof of the relationship he/she has with the UK citizen. Also, the immigrant must have proof that the British national or the sponsor is meeting the financial requirements of immigration protocols to support the immigration of the applicant. The role of UK marriage visa solicitors is to ensure that you meet the relationship and financial requirements of a UK spouse visa without any legal complications.

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