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In case you and your partner are willing to settle in the UK together, you can apply for a Fiance visa. A fiancé visa must be made from outside the UK by an applicant and the visa would permit the applicant to enter the UK to get married within 6 months of the arrival. After the wedding has taken place, the applicant is eligible to switch to a Spouse visa for 2.5 years.

Our highly expert Immigration solicitors offer a no-obligation visa assessment. This process is extremely complicated, so it is highly recommended that you contact Intime Immigration lawyers for free immigration advice.

After your fiancée visa expires, if you intend to stay in the UK then you must apply for another immigration permission. The easiest way is to switch from the Fiance visa to the Spouse visa in the UK. This visa will grant another 30 months of stay in the UK. As a Spouse visa holder, you will get the opportunity to look for job opportunities in the UK without getting restricted.

Our certified immigration experts can help you with UK Fiance visa requirements. Call us for a no-obligation assessment.

There are certain criteria to become eligible to apply for a UK Fiance visa. Let’s check out the eligibility criteria-

  • You and your partner both must be at least 18 years of age
  • Your partner should be a UK citizen or someone who has settled status
  • Both of you should have the intention of getting married within 6 months of the validity period of the Fiance visa
  • You should have the intention of staying with your partner once you get married or you are in a civil partnership
  • You should show proof that you can financially support each other as a couple and won’t become a burden on the state. You and your finance both have a combined income of at least £18,600 annually.
  • You further need to show that you have the perfect accommodation to stay with your partner or dependents
  • In case you are from a non-English-speaking country, you need to appear in the SELT test to show that you are capable of understanding and communicating in English to the level of A1.

There are a few documents required while applying for a Fiancé Visa in the UK. You will be asked to provide the necessary information about yourself and your UK visa partner along with the dependents who are going to join you in the UK. 

Let’s discover the necessary paperwork

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Photocopy of old passports and visas
  • Show valid information about the relationship you have with your partner. The information should include the time of the relationship, how you two have met and how often you see each other.
  • You need to give details of anyone if one of you has previously married
  • Details of criminal convictions
  • Divorce certificate
  • Details of countries outside the UK You have previously lived in or visited
  • Declare the date of birth and nationality of your parents in case you are applying outside the UK.

To apply for a UK Fiance visa, you need to provide evidence of your financial capabilities. You need to demonstrate to the Home office that you have sufficient money to support yourselves as well as the dependents while you are in the UK. 

You and your partner should have a combined annual income of at least £18,600. In case you have children to live with you,  the sum will increase by £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for every child after the first one.

There are various mediums by which you can show/support your income:

  • Salary through employment or Self-employment
  • Savings
  • Statutory sick pay, adoption pay or maternity or paternity pay
  • Shares or stocks
  • Property financial gains
  • Pension payments

In case you are a Fiance visa applicant from a non-English-speaking country, you will be asked to fulfil an English language requirement.

You are subject to prove your ability to read, write, listen and speak English at least to the level of A1 as set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will need to take up a SELT test at the level of at least A1.

You will need to include the pass certificate in your portfolio of evidence to submit to the Home Office.

However, below are the conditions under which you will be exempt from the English language requirement:

  • You are over 65
  • You are residing in the UK as an orphan or widow
  • You have a degree or higher qualification in English at any NAIRC-registered educational institution
  • You are a recognised refugee or a victim of domestic abuse
  • You have any mental or physical condition that restricts you from sitting the exam

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Every visa has a certain requirement. For a UK Fiance visa, we will help you fulfill those certain requirements.


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Applying for a British Fiance visa can be a stressful affair. While there is a lot of ‘free’ information already available online, it can be difficult to find trustworthy guidance for up-to-date and relevant information that can benefit your/your loved ones’ personal situation.

If you enter something incorrectly on the application form or neglect to submit any important document, your application may be denied. As a result, it is essential that you get guidance from a trustworthy legal practitioner if you have any concerns about your case, from meeting the requirements to the huge number of supporting papers you will need to submit.

If you want to mitigate the risk of committing any mistakes by hiring the best immigration lawyer or solicitor when applying for an immigration fiance visa. They can also help you with visa appeals.

Get Professional Guidance During the Fiancé Visa Appeal Procedure

Our immigration experts will guide you through the below file a Fiancé Visa appeal:

  • Going through the refusal letter carefully to find out the reason why your application was denied.
  • Determine whether you have the legal right to appeal the decision (this will be clearly stated in your letter)
  • You have 14 or 28 days to file your appeal (depending on whether you applied outside or inside the UK)
  • Prepare your argument for why the ruling should be overturned.
  • Attend the First-tier Tribunal hearing in the UK immigration courts.
  • Wait for the outcome of your appeal.

Further Information

Duration of fiancé visa

You will get 6 months entry clearance visa and during this time you are required to get married to your settled partner.

After marriage, you will be allowed to switch your visa as a spouse of a settled person, and subsequently will get 2.5 years leave to remain as a spouse of a British national.

You can also bring your dependent child if you can prove that it will cause serious problems if they are not allowed to enter the UK.

English Test for UK Fiancé visa

You will have to prove that you can speak and understand the English language. Therefore, for the purpose of fiancé visa the applicant must pass CEFR Level A1.

Relationship requirement for fiancé visa in the UK


You must provide sufficient evidence to prove that you are in a genuine relationship with your UK-based partner. You can provide reference letters from family and friends, along with the detailed information of how long you have been together and when and how you met and how often you see each other.

Switch to Spouse Visa

You will be allowed to switch your fiancé visa to the spouse route; however, you will need to go through the standard spouse visa application process.

No, you are not allowed to work during your fiancé visa period, however, once you successfully switch to the spouse visa route then you will be able to work in the UK.

UK Fiance Visa

UK Fiance Visa in stoke on trent

A UK Fiance Visa, also known as a Prospective Marriage Visa, is for individuals who are looking forward to entering the UK to marry their British or settled partner. If you’re planning to move to the UK to start your new life with your partner who lives in Stoke-on-Trent or any other part of the UK, first you have to qualify for the UK Fiancé Visa. This visa category is designed for non-EEA nationals who intend to marry or form a civil partnership with their UK-based partner and establish a life together in the country.

UK Fiance Visa

UK fiance visa solicitor nearby cheshire

Before applying for a UK Fiancé Visa, you have to consult with a UK fiance visa solicitor nearby Cheshire to be sure about your visa selection. Our immigration lawyers help applicants apply through the correct application form, which is tailored to their specific circumstances. We assist our clients from the beginning to make sure the application is done without mistakes. 

During the preparation of your Fiancé Visa application form, we will help you gather all the supporting documents and will also check that the documents that need to be dated before the submission date of your online application form, are submitted correctly.

UK Fiance Visa

UK Marriage Visa in wrexham

The UK Fiancé Visa or UK marriage visa process in Wrexham can be tricky. As this visa is designated for individuals settled in the UK, engaged partners of British or Irish citizens, individuals with pre-settled status, holders of a Turkish Businessperson or Turkish Worker visa, those with refugee status or humanitarian protection planning to enter the UK to marry within six months of arrival, you have to fullfill all the requirements to get approval.  Also, applicants have to make sure that the application for a UK Fiancé Visa is done from outside the UK.


UK fiancee visa solicitor in cheshire

Whether you need expert advice on the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules for a Fiance Visa, a proper assessment of your prospects of qualifying for a Fiance Visa or professional assistance and guidance with preparing a Fiance Visa application, you can trust our UK fiance visa solicitor in Cheshire. Our immigration lawyers are well aware of all the complex aspects and mandatory requirements involved with the fiance visa application process in the UK. We help applicants in assisting applicants to secure successful outcomes in their Fiance Visa applications.

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