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2024 Update to the UK’s 7-Year Child Immigration Rule

News & Articles

2024 Update to the UK’s 7-Year Child Immigration Rule

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
7-Year Child Immigration

The 7-year child immigration rule facilitates the granting of Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or settlement status, to children born in the United Kingdom who have continuously resided there for a period of seven years. This article delves into this 7-year child immigration rule, a pivotal component of the United Kingdom’s immigration framework. This rule, designed for children living in the UK, allows them to get permanent residency. In this post, we will explore the key elements of this rule and its eligibility criteria.

Understanding the New 7-Year Child ILR Rule

Since June 20th, 2022, new guidelines for private life immigration applications are in effect, outlined in Appendix Private Life 2. These guidelines are:

  1. A child born in the UK who has lived there continuously for seven years can apply for settlement (ILR).
  2. Children who arrived in the UK as kids, stayed for seven years continuously, and received permission to remain based on their private life can now apply for settlement after five years instead of a potentially lengthier wait.
  3. Individuals who immigrated to the UK before turning 18 and are now aged between 18 and 25 must have resided in the UK for half their lives.
  4. Children and young people living in the UK can now qualify for citizenship more quickly, rather than striving to meet the 10-year residence requirement. The 7-year child concession policy, introduced in 2021, has been made a permanent part of the UK’s immigration law.

Eligibility for ILR for a 7-Year-Old Child with a Private Life

Under the 7 years route in the UK, a child with a private life must meet the requirements for continuous residency. Candidates aged between 18 and 64 years also need to pass the Life in the UK Test. In addition, they must either demonstrate speaking and listening skills at a B1 level on the CEFR scale or have a degree earned (taught or researched) entirely in English. 

Meeting the Continuous Residence Requirements

Individuals must meet a few criteria to meet the continuous residence requirements. One of those criteria is to live continuously in the UK for at least seven years. In addition, candidates must also meet the below requirements to be eligible: 

  1. Immigrated to the UK as a child and met all entry requirements at that time
  2. Held a valid visa and lived in the UK for five continuous years
  3. Received your first visa based on private life between the ages of 18 and 24

We hope this information provides a helpful overview of the 7-year route of child immigration in the UK. If you require further guidance on your specific situation, we encourage you to consult with Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Immigration Solicitors). We are a globally trusted firm of highly rated and well-experienced immigration solicitors offering personalised advice and support throughout the application process. Consult us now to secure your child’s future in the UK with the 7-year ILR rule.

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Updated on 01/01/2024
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