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UK Fiance Visa Processing 2024: A Guide Every Non-British Partner Needs

News & Articles

UK Fiance Visa Processing 2024: A Guide Every Non-British Partner Needs

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
UK Fiance Visa

Are you a non-British recently engaged to an individual settled in Cheshire, the UK? Well, congratulations first. Now, if you wish to meet your partner, the first thing you need is a UK Fiance visa to enter this country and live with your soon-to-be spouse for the next six months, considering the term that you two are getting married within this period.

However, the process is not that simple. You need to apply for this UK Fiance visa, complying with all the rules and regulations while proving your relationship and condition of getting married. In today’s blog, we will discuss how long it takes for a Fiance visa in the UK to process, how to know if your visa application is approved and much more.

Everything You Need to Know About a UK Fiance Visa Application

To apply for a UK Fiance visa, you need to prove that your wedding will take place within six months of arriving here, which needs documents uploaded to the online application system. Failing to prove this may cause immigration issues, where you may need to contact UK Fiance visa solicitors nearby Cheshire to represent your case to the Home Office.

And, when your Fiance visa expires, you require another immigration permit to stay in the UK. However, once you get married to your partner with UK settled status, you can switch to a UK Spouse visa for 2.5 years. 

Due to such complex rules and regulations, non-British partners often come with different queries. Here are the most common ones:

Where to apply for a UK Fiance visa form

UK Fiance visa must be applied from outside the UK. As an exception, it is possible from inside the UK when you are seeking a permit to stay here for over six months if your marriage did not take place within the initial period, where you may have to show some convincing reason. However, it’s best to get in touch with a reputable UK Fiance visa solicitor in Cheshire in this case.

How long does UK Fiance visa processing take to get the decision?

The Home Office examines and verifies all the details after receiving the Fiance visa application to provide an accurate verdict. However, the processing time for this visa depends on different factors:

  • Accuracy and authenticity of the supporting documents and information you have provided
  • Your purpose of application
  • If the Home Office fees are paid in full
  • Criminal history and honesty in giving your personal details

On the contrary, there is no exact date for getting a response from the Home Office. It is usually within 12 weeks from the date you have applied. Anyway, if there’s any urgency, you can receive their decision within 30 days by leveraging the UK Visa Priority Service

Is there any possibility of getting a Fiance visa rejected?

Yes, like any other immigration application. The Home Office can deny your request for? Fiance visa based on such major reasons, including:

  • Inability to prove the minimum financial requirements, which is at least £18,600 annually, combining your and your partner’s income ( Please note, the financial requirement will go up to £29k from 11 April 2024)
  • Not satisfied or doubtful about the relationship between you and your fiance
  • Unable to marry each other or get into a civil partnership with the prospective spouse
  • Identified previous criminal convictions
  • Not submitting application forms correctly, etc. 

How to know if a Fiance visa is approved or rejected

Usually, the applicants receive a decision letter from the Home Office containing the information about visa rejection and its reason. Or you may get an email informing you about the visa application refusal. Otherwise, you can call UKVI to learn about the outcome of your application. 

Best UK Fiance Visa Lawyers to Get in Touch With

If this Fiance visa application process is entirely new to you, you may find it complicated to complete and even make errors, which can cause visa refusal. Instead, it’s best to work with a reliable UK immigration law firm, like Intime Immigration Limited (Intime Solicitors), to ensure a successful application and speed up the process. We have the most experienced team of Fiance visa solicitors to assist applicants.

Book an online assessment today or schedule a call now!

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