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Expert UK Immigration Solicitors Chester Manchester

Expert UK Immigration Solicitors

Adult Dependent Relative

Intime Solicitors are experts in UK Visas and Settlement Applications. Contact us for a case assessment

Expert UK Immigration Solicitors

Adult Dependent Relative

Intime Solicitors are experts in UK Visas and Settlement Applications. Contact us for a case assessment

Expert UK Immigration Solicitors Chester Manchester
Adult Dependent Relative

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The Adult Dependent Relative is one of the most attractive routes for entry to the U.K. as it allows for immediate settlement for those who are eligible. It mainly applies to elderly parents or grandparents who cannot be cared for in their country and who would like to settle in the U.K. where a relative, who is present and settled in the U.K., can care for them indefinitely.

Despite its appealing nature for a lot of applicants, it is arguably one of the most difficult visas to be granted by the Home Office. This is because the Adult Dependent Relative visa application is a highly complex application and has a high threshold to be satisfied.

There are a lot of factors which must be proven. It must be shown that as a result of age, illness, or disability, the applicant requires a long-term personal care that can only be provided in the U.K. by their relative without recourse to public funds.

Even with the help of the practical and financial help of the sponsor, there mustn’t be the required level of care available in their home country either because it is not available to the, no one can provide it, or it is not affordable.

There must not be family, friends, healthcare professionals, caregivers, neighbours who can care for the applicant in their home country and if there is, then it must be proven why this person or people cannot care for them, whether this is for personal or financial reasons. A lot of medical evidence, reports, financial evidence, and other supporting evidence is requirement to satisfy the Home Office. Despite an explanation and evidence, this is sometimes not enough, and this visa can be very difficult to be accepted by the Home Office and does often result in a refusal if not properly prepared by an immigration expert.  

Lastly, the Entry Clearance Officer must be satisfied that the applicant will be adequately maintained, accommodated, and cared for without recourse to public funds and the U.K. sponsor must officially declare this undertaking.

If you have a genuine application for one of your adult dependent relatives to come to the U.K., expert immigration lawyers know exactly how to guide you through the process and which documents will help you to provide the strongest case to present to the Home Office. Our immigration solicitors have first-hand knowledge of this visa and will work with you directly to increase the chances of success in your application.

There are many documents which must be provided, and these range from identity, relationship and accommodation evidence to complex medical reports, financial documents and evidence of the care which is or is not available in the applicant’s home country.

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