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We at Intime Immigration Solicitors have the expertise to handle UK Visa applications and different settlements related to immigration. 

Refusal of visa application is considered as the Refusal of Human Rights where the protection claims come from. In the UK, the revocation of protection status allows immigration appeal rights. With no right of appeal, it would not be possible for an individual to make an application to have an administrative review after the visa application refusal to ensure whether it is a working error or an eligible decision. 

After refusing your visa application, the Home Office will send you a letter explaining the reasons for such an action and whether you have the right to appeal to the minister of immigration for the administrative review to clear your doubts. With immigration decision appeals, you get an opportunity to challenge the decision of the home office whether it is for error, incorrectly interpreted law, or breached human rights. 

Since the overall process can be overwhelming and difficult, let us help you. Our immigration appeal solicitors will help you throughout the process from start to finish. You can call our experts for a free consultation! In fact, you can dial our number for a no-obligation assessment.


Generally, the Home Office of the UK rejects the application for a UK visa based on general grounds. The immigration decision comes with different considerations, including your validity, eligibility and suitability. Of all the common reasons for visa refusal, here are some we have mentioned below:

  • Your per annum maintenance savings and income fail to meet the financial requirements required for the UK visa application.
  • You have not scored the required points for the UK points-based system (PBS).
  • Not providing the exact details asked by the Home Office
  • Fail to show genuine information to the Home Office 
  • You have owed debts to the NHS
  • Rough sleeping
  • Exceed your permission of staying in the UK
  • Sham relationship or marriage
  • You have breached immigration rules before
  • UK entry ban

As we mentioned earlier, whether you are eligible to appeal to the minister of immigration, you will get informed about it from the letter you receive from the Home Office. Your right to appeal depends on several factors and circumstances, including your type of visa application. 

Considering this, you can apply for an appeal of Administrative Review (AR) when it is the fault of the Home Office for your refusal. In many cases, you get only the right to make an appeal for the Administrative Review, applicable to every visa application related to Points Based System (PBS) and their family members’ visas who are independent. 

You can make an appeal for the immigration decision to the First-tier Tribunal based on your human rights if the Home Office has taken any of the following actions:

  • Refuse your humanitarian protection or asylum claims
  • Revoke your British citizenship and protection status
  • Refuse your claims for human rights
  • Revoke or refuse your status, including your departure under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), change the condition or length of your stay
  • Refusal of Frontier Worker Permit
  • Revoke your EUSS family permit and S2 Healthcare Visitor visa

After your UK visa refusal, if you want to ensure you receive the visa this time, you have to make sure you do not make a mistake while applying for the immigration appeal procedure. You should complete it carefully following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: It is advisable to get in touch with our immigration appeal attorney. We advise this so you can have a strong chance for this decision to appeal to immigration. 

Step 2: Ensure that you are eligible to make this appeal to the minister of immigration. Check the letter carefully you have received from the Home Office to know your rights.

Step 3: Look over the reasons for your UK visa refusal

Step 4: Have some preparation for your immigration appeal, from the basics to the collection of required documents and details.  

Step 5: Fill up the online appeal application form carefully and submit that within two weeks while living within the UK and 28 days when you reside outside the UK, from the day you received the decision letter from the Home Office

Step 6: Provide other necessary information and documents that support your appeal

It depends on different things, including the strength of your application, the complexity of the case and the kind of UK visa refusal appeal you have made. Generally, it should take anywhere between six to twelve months. You will get to know the decision on the day of the hearing in the Tribunal, which takes place around one month later from the date. The Home Office will reconsider their decision and issue your visa.

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Immigration Appeal Explained by UK's #1 immigration Law Firm

The entire process of applying for an immigration appeal after your UK visa refusal is a little bit complicated and stressful since you have to be careful about every step of the process. It is not a matter you can handle alone. A single mistake can lead to an unsuccessful visa refusal which can be quite upsetting. 

We suggest seeking a free consultation or help from our immigration appeal attorney. Our immigration appeal solicitors ensure that every client can complete an immigration appeal process successfully and obtain a UK visa next time without the chances of refusal. Once you obtain a visa, you can enjoy a privileged and lavished life as a UK citizen. 

The Home Office denies many immigration appeal applications for basic grounds, like not providing genuine or required data, mistakes in filling up the immigration appeal form etc. That is why having an immigration appeal attorney for assistance to complete the procedure is advisable here to avoid making errors. 

How Is the Immigration Appeal Process?

Once you provide all the necessary and even supporting documents for the process for immigration appeal procedure, you can state whether you want the Tribunal to make a decision on the details you have provided or want an oral hearing for your case. After you have submitted the application, here’s how the process goes:

  • Handed over to an Entry Clearance Manager (ECM) for the case review
  • If your appeal has the required standard evidence to back up your case, you can expect a positive decision from the ECM 
  • When the ECM fails to make a decision, First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) will make the full hearing

Our immigration appeal lawyer ensures your case is explained properly so the answers can be given correctly during the Tribunal hearing if asked.

Further Information

Even after an unsuccessful immigration appeal at the First-tier Tribunal, you have other ways to resolve it:

  • Make another appeal to the Upper-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) if you have confidence that the Home Office has made an error in your UK visa refusal decision, including using incorrect law, following the wrong legal process etc. 
  • Submit a fresh application for an immigration appeal
  • Go for another type of visa application

The decision letter you receive from the Home Office will let you know whether you have the right to appeal to the minister of immigration. If you want to make a successful appeal to the First-tier Tribunal, you have to make sure that you have completed the relevant form considering the grounds, including attached details, like your reasons for applying for the appeal for the Home Office refusal decision. 

Our immigration solicitors can help you with this first step, from drafting the appeal grounds to submitting the form detailing the errors the SSHD (Secretary of State of the Home Department) has made to represent your case. You can request an oral hearing or even a paper hearing as you want.

You do not have to feel disappointed if your case fails in the First-tier Tribunal. Our immigration appeal lawyers will help you submit a request at the Upper Tier Tribunal so they hear your case and proceed to the hearing again. And if your case is not successful even at this second stage, you can challenge it at the Court of Appeal, a basic overview of the immigration appeal in the United Kingdom. 

Our immigration attorneys will handle your case with detailed consideration and care to ensure your immigration decision appeal is successful.

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