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Planning to Settle in the UK? A Couple’s Guide to UK Marriage Visa

News & Articles

Planning to Settle in the UK? A Couple’s Guide to UK Marriage Visa

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Marriage Visa Solicitors

So, you have just engaged. Congratulations! And, since your soon-to-be spouse is a British citizen or an already-settled person in Wales, UK, you are probably planning to go along, right? But, before you pack your bags, we guess you should go through this guide once to have a clear idea of UK marriage visa and extension and meet marriage visa solicitors for the application. Let’s get started.

What Is a UK Marriage Visa? What Do You Need to Know?

A marriage visa, also known as a civil partnership visa, allows foreign nationals to enter the UK and get married, alongside providing notice of a UK civil partnership. However, with this marriage visa application, you can stay here only for up to six months. On the contrary, you need to prove why you are leaving the UK at the end of your visit. 

However, there are a few things you need to be well aware of before going ahead with this marriage visa application. For example:

1: Ensure about the visa requirements-

Even though it’s a short-term visa, make sure you meet all the requirements while applying for a UK marriage visa to avoid legal issues later and start a new chapter of life smoothly. Such as:

  • You should be a foreign national, while your soon-to-be spouse needs to be already settled in the UK or a British citizen.
  • Both you and your partner should be adults, at least 18 years old.
  • Make sure you have met your companion at least once or twice before marriage (may need to show proof).
  •  You need to get married within six months of the intended date of your arrival in the UK when already engaged or holding a fiancé visa.

2: DOs and DON’Ts with a UK marriage visa-

Besides the eligibility requirements, you need to consider all the dos and don’ts before applying for a UK marriage visa. For instance, you should definitely get into a civil relationship within six months of your arrival in this country and use a licensed venue here. On the other hand, you can’t invite your dependents, like family members, using your marriage visa. They need to apply individually to get into the UK. In fact, there’s more alongside:

  • You can’t live over extended periods here during your frequent visits.
  • You won’t get a visa extension to study or work here except for the approved activities related to your overseas business, such as conference meetings.
  • You are unable to switch to another visa.
  • You can’t obtain benefits, like government funds.

3: Determine the right time for a marriage visa application-

If you are determined to settle in the UK, along with your soon-to-be partner, it’s smart to start preparing for a marriage visa application at least three months before your intended date of arrival in that country. After all, the process is not just about filling out the online form and the application is done! Here, you need to make an appointment at the visa application centre to create your identity and provide the documents required here. 

However, make sure you allow additional time for them, especially if it’s in the other nation, as your application processing may take time! Usually, it takes around 8 to 12 weeks

Best UK Marriage Spouse Visa Solicitor to Connect with

There remains a small chance of a UK marriage visa refusal by the Home Office. The reason doesn’t have to be a big one, such as wrong details, false paperwork or not disclosing immigration issues. That’s why it’s always recommended to keep marriage visa lawyers by your side! 

Seeking a reliable one? Count on us! At Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), we have experienced and skilled solicitors to take care of your application, ensuring no such errors that can cause a denial. Also, we can guide you with appealing against the Entry Clearance Officer or the Secretary of State’s decision if you face a refusal.

Schedule a FREE call, or click here to book an online assessment!

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