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Eligibility Requirements for Standard Visitor Visa – Visit UK for Tourism, Business, and Other Permitted Activities

News & Articles

Eligibility Requirements for Standard Visitor Visa – Visit UK for Tourism, Business, and Other Permitted Activities

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top tourist destinations as it consists of a staggering array of natural wonders, historical sites, glittering metropolises and more. From the tranquil shoreline of Cornwall to the bustle of London and the rolling hills of the Lake District, there’s a lot to see and experience in Britain. So, it is no wonder this country is on most avid travellers’ must-visit bucket lists. If you are also one of them, then the first thing you need before finalising your tour plan is a tourist visa.

Standard Visitor visas allow foreigners to visit the UK for several reasons ranging from tourism to business trips and many other permitted activities. But before you apply for this visa, check out the eligibility requirements to ensure you don’t lack anything.

Eligibility Requirements

Visitors must have a passport which will remain valid throughout their stay. Meanwhile, visitors also have to show that:

  1. They will leave the country at the end of the trip.
  2. They are financially able to support themselves and their dependents during the trip. Having funds from others to support their journey will also do the job. 
  3. They will not live in this country for a prolonged time through successive or frequent visits. 
  4. They are capable of paying for their onward or return ticket. 

If your purpose for visiting the UK with a Standard Visitor visa is more than just travelling, you may also need to meet a few other additional eligibility requirements. 

Fulfilling these obligations become necessary when someone visits the UK:

  1. To study
  2. Take an exam
  3. For medical reasons
  4. As a senior doctor or dentist or even as an academic

Kindly note that the UK tourist visa requirements can be different for those planning to visit the country from Jersey, Ireland, Isle of Man or Guernsey. 

How to Apply

Individuals should apply for a Standard Visitor visa online. It will cost them £100 for a stay of up to 6 months. The earliest one can apply for their visa is three months before their travel. 

Along with tourism, this visa will allow you to indulge in other things such as participating in academic exchange programmes, visiting friends and family, going to another nation through the UK, doing a recreation course for 30 days and more. With this visa, you can also volunteer for up to 30 days in a registered charitable trust. However, if fulfilling your purpose requires frequent UK visits, we recommend applying for a long-term Standard Visitor visa instead. 

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  1. Albert Bolangi Mulamba says:
    November 13, 2022

    Si possible , m’aide à obtenir le visa pour une visite de six jours en LONDRES , participer à une cérémonie de collation de grade .


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