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What Documents Do You Need to Submit When Applying for a Standard Visitor Visa in the UK?

News & Articles

What Documents Do You Need to Submit When Applying for a Standard Visitor Visa in the UK?

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Apply for Standard Visitor Visa UK

A Standard Visitor visa allows non-British residents to stay in the UK for a short period of time. Individuals who have this visa can visit the UK for several reasons such as tourism, education, business, or other legitimate activities. A Standard Visitor visa holder can typically stay for six months in this country. However, applicants can also request a longer stay in certain circumstances, like when receiving medical treatment. 

No matter what visa you are opting for, please be aware that the application process is a rigorous and scrutinized method. Every year the UK Home Office rejects thousands of visa applications that don’t meet the necessary requirements. Your visa will be approved only if you submit proper documents. Now, the question is, what documents do you need when requesting for a Standard Visitor visa in the UK? Or in other words, what documents can help your application meet the visa requirements? Continue reading for the answer. 

Documents and Information You Need to Provide When Applying

The first and most important document you need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa in the UK is a passport that will remain valid for the entire period of your stay in the UK. Needless to say, having a blank page in your passport is also essential for applying for a Standard Visitor visa. Some other documents and information that you must submit are as follows:

  1. The dates on which you will travel to this country
  2. The place you will stay during your visit
  3. Your current address
  4. An estimated cost of your trip
  5. Your income statements 
  6. Details of your parents like their names, dates of birth, etc. 
  7. Disclosure of any immigration, criminal, or civil violations that you might have committed

Depending on your application criteria and circumstances, you may also have to provide:

  1. Full details of your previous ten years’ travel history
  2. Your partner’s name, date of birth and passport number
  3. Your current employer’s details like name, address, phone number, etc. 
  4. If someone is paying for your trip, you must submit his name and address
  5. If any of your family members are already in the UK, you have to submit his/her name, address proof, passport number, etc. 
  6. You might also get asked to provide a certified translation of any document which is neither in English nor in Welsh
  7. Submitting other additional documents might get essential if you are planning to visit the UK for academic or medical reasons 

Providing Documents at the Visa Application Centre

You have to book an appointment at a visa centre as a part of your application process. During the appointment, you have to:

  1. Prove your identity with your passport or other equivalent travel documents
  2. Submit essential documents that prove you are eligible for a Standard Visitor visa
  3. Register your biometric information, etc. 

We hope the above information will help you apply for a Standard Visitor visa in the UK without any hassle. The same also aims to increase your chances of getting approval. But kindly note that once your application gets refused, it will be permanently listed in the UK Home Office’s record book. Since the UK visa application process is already tricky and daunting, we recommend seeking professional assistance to ease the overall journey. Intime Immigration Ltd(Intime Solicitors) is the house of the best immigration lawyers in the UK. We are a highly rated immigration and visa consulting firm helping clients get their required UK visas faster. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.


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