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Biggest News on UK Spouse Visa Extension: Unfolding the Latest Changes of 2024

News & Articles

Biggest News on UK Spouse Visa Extension: Unfolding the Latest Changes of 2024

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
UK Spouse Visa Extension

Are you living in the UK on a family visa but worrying about the extension of your spouse visa as it is due to expire? Don’t be! Applying for a spouse visa extension in the UK is no rocket science. The requirements are quite similar to extending Leave to Remain. You just have to prove here that you and your partner have been cohabiting together for the last two years as a spouse since the date of application and maintaining a subsisting relationship. 

However, you need to have a clear idea of the latest changes to the financial requirements of this extension for a spouse visa in the UK before going ahead with its application. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss those changes. Read on. 

UK Spouse Visa Extension Requirement Changes for 2024

Well, it is imperative to apply for a spouse visa or a family visa extension before your current visa expires. Otherwise, you will be considered an overstayer, which can cost you a hefty fine and impact your future visa applications. To prove your spouse visa extension, you just need to provide your marriage certificate and address details as evidence of the relationship between you and your partner. This extension will allow you to stay in the UK to a point when you can make an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application after five years. 

Now, when you are preparing to apply for a UK Spouse Visa extension, here’s the biggest news for you: The latest changes to the minimum income requirements of spouse visa extension applications

Recently, the UK Home Office has confirmed that when one is already living in the UK on a spouse visa or family visa, the person does not need to meet the latest financial requirements during the visa extensions. Therefore if someone was already in the UK on a spouse visa before April 2024 then they will only have to meet £18600 financial requirement.

However, if someone is applying for the first time the minimum income requirement will be £29,000 in April 2024, from £18,600 per visa applicant, or up to £38,700 by January 2025. If you have dependent children, the amount can increase by £3,800 for your first child, and for every additional child, it will be by £2,400, especially when they are not British citizens. 

Once granted, your spouse visa extension will grant you a stay in the UK for another 30 months.

However, you can talk to the best spouse visa solicitors in the UK if you are struggling to meet all these financial requirements for the visa application. They will guide you to the best path. At the end of this visa extension, you can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). After that, you are allowed to stay and work in the UK without any further visas or immigration controls. 

Applying for UK Spouse Visa Extension 2024

Since the Home Office undertakes the entire extension application for the UK spouse visa rigorously, it is crucial to do your paperwork right and meet all the eligibility criteria, including:

  • You and your partner must be 18 or over.
  • You and your partner should be living in the UK together in a genuine relationship.
  • You need to meet all the family or spouse visa financial requirements and English language requirements.
  • There must not be any visa refusal grounds, like questions on character or relationship.

Note: If you have separated from your partner or started divorce proceedings, you cannot apply for a spouse visa extension.  

In Conclusion

We hope you understand the latest financial requirement changes that come with the spouse visa extension in the UK. And, if you are worried about not meeting the minimum income requirements, talk to our best UK spouse visa solicitors. At Intime Immigration Solicitors, our experts will guide you throughout the process help you understand the rules, and meet the financial requirements. 

Feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation assessment today!

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