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A Quick Guide to Fiancé Visa and Reasons to Hire a Solicitor to Get One

News & Articles

A Quick Guide to Fiancé Visa and Reasons to Hire a Solicitor to Get One

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
UK Fiancee Visa

The UK fiancé visa is designed for engaged partners of British or Irish citizens, individuals who are settled in the UK with the status of indefinite leave to remain, individuals with pre-settled status, etc. 

An engaged partner can also apply for a fiancé visa if his/her fiancé has a Turkish Businessperson or Turkish Worker visa, limited leave to remain in the UK, refugee status or humanitarian protection. But in these scenarios, the partner has to marry his/her fiancé within six months of arrival. 

Long story short: The fiancé visa is relevant for people outside the UK who are already engaged and want to unite with their UK-settled lawful partner to get married within six months of arrival in the nation. However, the applicant must meet some requirements to be eligible. 

The following post aims to shed light on those requirements and discuss the importance of hiring a UK fiancée visa solicitor in Cheshire or other regions to streamline the application process. Let’s get started!!

Requirements for UK Fiancé Visa

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a UK fiancé visa: 

  1. The legal partner of the applicant has to be British or Irish or is settled in the UK or has been granted pre-settled status or holds a Turkish Worker or Businessperson visa or has humanitarian protection or refugee status. 
  2. Both applicant and his/her partner have to be at least 18 years old. 
  3. The relationship is genuine and enduring.
  4. The applicant and his/her partner have met in person.
  5. Previous relationships (if any) have broken down permanently.
  6. The applicant must get married to his/her UK-settled legal partner within six months of arrival. 
  7. The applicant intends to live together indelibly in the UK.
  8. There is adequate accommodation for both partners. 
  9. The applicant would be decently maintained without accessing recourse to public funds.
  10. The applicant speaks and comprehends English to the obligatory level.

Applicants must fulfil these requirements to qualify for the UK fiancé visa. Kindly note that these requirements can vary based on the applicant’s circumstances. Therefore, we recommend speaking with a UK fiancée visa solicitor first for expert advice before proceeding to the application process. 

Reasons to Hire a Fiancé Visa Solicitor to Streamline the Application Process

UK immigration law, in general, is complex and ever-changing. Irrespective of the visa type, you need the right advice and adequate support in each step of the application process to make it successful. A UK fiancée visa is no exception. 

According to the official data published by the Home Office, 1 in 4 UK spouse visa applications are rejected. While 37,087 UK spouse visas were granted in 2020, 4,251 visa applications were denied. The number of granted UK spouse visas is 42,182 and 16,850 in 2021 and 2022. In comparison, 6,682 and 2,339 visa applications were refused in 2021 and 2022. So, we can see that the authority rejects thousands of applications annually, approximately 12% – 15% of the total requests. According to the home office report, the rejection rate is 25%. 

Are you okay with 25% uncertainty when your dream life is at stake? If not, you must hire an expert UK fiancée visa solicitor in Cheshire or other regions who can help you navigate the application process so you get a fiancé visa without any hassle. Intime Immigration Ltd(Intime Solicitors) is a 5-star rated immigration solicitor firm renowned for offering clients strategic advice and tailor-made assistance. All our UK fiancée visa solicitors in Cheshire and other regions are licensed, and our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Contact us now to discuss your case. Let us guide you through each step of the application process and put you in the best position for desired results.

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