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A Quick Guide to UK Visa Extension

News & Articles

A Quick Guide to UK Visa Extension

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
UK Visa Extension

Every UK visa holder must know that not all visa types can be renewed or extended. Take UK graduate visas, for instance, which cannot be renewed. A few other visas that can’t be extended are the start-up visa and the youth mobility visa. 

Though you cannot extend certain visas, you can switch to a different type of UK visa. Let’s understand this fact with an example. 

We already know that a UK graduate visa holder cannot extend his visa. However, he can consider applying for a skilled worker visa if he has received an offer from an approved employer. Meanwhile, it is also essential to remember that UK visitor visa holders can’t switch to a different type of visa during their stay in the UK. In that case, they have to come back to their home country to apply for a new visa. 

We apologise if this visa extension guide is overwhelming you. British immigration laws, rules, and regulations are unfortunately quite complicated. You will face many challenges while navigating through them. Thankfully a certified immigration solicitor can streamline this process and help you extend your visa. Intime Immigration Ltd is an SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) regulated immigration solicitor firm committed to assisting clients in getting their desired UK visa, renewing their visa, or extending their stay in the UK. All our lawyers are highly educated and well-trained to handle the entire immigration process on behalf of their clients. We offer comprehensive services ranging from personal immigration to business immigration and immigration appeal to document certification services. 

We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our certified immigration solicitors to discuss your specific queries regarding the UK visa extension. Or you can also continue reading this blog, where we have taken a generic approach to discussing visa extension in the context of the UK. 

One can only apply for a UK visa extension before the expiry of their current visa. This notion is also applicable to further leave to remain applications. One might get treated by the Home Office as an overstayer if he applies for a visa extension after his visa expires. Being an overstayer means the person is technically staying in the UK illegally. Due to this reason, the visa extension application of that person can also get rejected as he has breached the immigration law that clearly states to leave the country before the visa expires. But depending on the applicant’s situation, some specific rules for overstaying may apply to him/her. 

We always ask clients to apply for UK visa extensions as early as possible. A student visa holder can apply for an extension three months before the current visa expiry date if he/she has enrolled in a new course. A skilled worker visa holder can apply for an extension up to 60 days before his/her visa expires. 

Always check the rules that are applicable to your visa type before applying for a UK visa extension. Or you can always reach out to Intime Immigration Ltd(Intime Solicitors) to clear your doubts and access handholding support in your immigration journey to the UK.

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