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British Citizenship Lawyers’ Guide on Naturalisation Application Refusal Causes

News & Articles

British Citizenship Lawyers’ Guide on Naturalisation Application Refusal Causes

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
British Citizenship Lawyers

Hey, do you know the Home Office can even reject your application for naturalisation? 

The naturalisation process allows a UK resident to receive British citizenship directly. But to be eligible for an application for the procedure, you have to live in the UK for over 5 years. However, the Home Office declines the naturalisation application sometimes and rejects British citizenship. In that case, you may have some options available to revive your application where only top British immigration solicitors can help you.

But, before that, you should know the common reasons for British citizenship application refusals so you can avoid them while applying. Let’s get started!

British Citizenship Attorneys’ Guide on the Reasons Behind Naturalisation Application Refusals

The Home Office will send a letter when your British citizenship application is declined. At that time, the best thing you can do is connect with experienced British immigration lawyers and see if there are options available to re-apply for. For example, you can go ahead with:

  • Request for reconsidering your naturalisation application
  • Submit a British citizenship application again
  • Request the Home Office to reopen your case

However, knowing the probable grounds for refusals will help you avoid mistakes during application. Have a look:

Not meeting the eligibility requirements-

Sometimes, you fail to meet the eligibility criteria of British citizenship for naturalisation, leading to your application refusals. For instance:

  • You have not spent 3 continuous years in the UK before applying for citizenship.
  • You don’t have a year of ILR in the UK.
  • You remain absent from the UK for more than 3 months before the naturalisation application.
  • You have a serious criminal record or do not meet a good character.
  • You didn’t follow the UK immigration rules.
  • You don’t know the life and language in the UK or have not received a good score on the UK test and much more.

You didn’t reply to the queries of the Home Office-

People often miss out on providing specific details required for the naturalisation application. In that case, the Home Office raises queries and asks to give further information. If you haven’t replied to them within the required time, the chances of British citizenship refusals remain there. 

Incomplete employment history-

If you are applying for British citizenship, provide all the details related to your employment for the naturalisation process. But if the information you provide is incomplete or incorrect, i.e. the dates, the Home Office can decline your application. That’s why we suggest asking HMRC to provide you with a copy of your employment details. It will help you give the right dates in your application. 

However, you can consult British citizenship solicitors for a solution if already experiencing an application refusal. 

Not meeting the character requirements-

As mentioned earlier, good character is a crucial eligibility requirement for naturalisation application, according to the British Nationality Act 1981. And if the Home Office discovers that you have provided false data regarding this, such as your criminal record or immigration rules breaching, and that represents you as a threat to UK residents, they may not accept your application. 

How Can Intime Immigration Limited Help?

At Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), our expert  British immigration solicitors can help you make the application correctly the first time so you don’t face a refusal and lose your fee. Also, if the Home Office has already declined your application for naturalisation, we can guide you with a fresh application submission or apply for a Judicial Review.  Schedule a FREE consultation today! We are ready to help you.

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