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Your Guide to Find Perfect Referees and Unlock British Citizenship

News & Articles

Your Guide to Find Perfect Referees and Unlock British Citizenship

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
British Citizenship Lawyers

Individuals who want British citizenship must meet strict eligibility requirements. One critical condition is to provide referees for British citizenship applications.

Before applying for British citizenship, candidates must understand that it is a time-consuming process. They will also not be refunded in case of application rejection. Therefore, getting the submission right the first time becomes critical in naturalisation.

We have crafted this guide for naturalisation applicants and explained the eligibility criteria to be a referee in a British citizenship application. But before jumping to that, let’s start with how many British citizenship referees you need. 

What Is the Required Number of Referees for a British Citizenship Application?

British citizenship applicants must provide two referees to establish their identity irrespective of their citizenship path. The next point will shed light on the rules for British citizenship referees. 

Who Are Eligible to Serve as Referees for a British Citizenship Application?

The Home Office’s guidelines on referees for British citizenship outline a list of requirements that all must adhere to become a referee. It includes the following points:

  1. The referee must have known the applicant for at least three years;
  2. He has to be a British passport holder and either a;
  1. Professional person; or 
  2. At least over the age of 25

It is also essential to understand that any individual related to the applicant or the other referee can’t serve as a referee. In addition, referees cannot also fall into one of the following categories:

  1. They can’t be a Home Office employee
  2. They can’t be the applicant’s representative
  3. Potential referees cannot possess any unspent criminal convictions exceeding ten years under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Are Retired Individuals Able to Be a Referee for UK Citizenship?

If you have checked the eligibility criteria carefully, you know that one of the referees must be a professional person, while the other only needs to be over 25. So, it is fair to conclude that retirees would be suitable to be referees for British citizenship, but they can’t be your first referees. The reason is that a retired person won’t be counted as someone of professional standing because they can no longer be held to the ethics of their professional governing body.

Failing to meet referee requirements can hold up your citizenship journey. Therefore, applicants and referees should carefully consider the details mentioned above to avoid undue issues, complications, and delays. Hiring one of the best British citizenship lawyers is always a great idea during naturalisation. For that, you can count on Intime Immigration Limited (Intime Solicitors). We are a highly rated firm of expert immigration solicitors helping clients in their UK visa journey, including British Spouse Visas, Skilled Worker Visas, and other types of personal and business immigration processes. Contact us now to consult your case.

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