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A Comprehensive Guide to Make Your UK Immigration Application Valid in 2024

News & Articles

A Comprehensive Guide to Make Your UK Immigration Application Valid in 2024

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
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A valid UK immigration application is critical to avoid negative consequences and maximize the chances of getting your visa approved. Applicants must understand that providing incomplete or incorrect information while applying for a visa eventually leads to rejection, causing a waste of money and time. Meanwhile, you may also face difficulties with future applications for the same reason. 

Your application must meet certain requirements to be valid. You can partner with one of the best immigration lawyers in the UK to ensure that, or you can also stay with us for the same. Today, we will take you through a comprehensive guide to help you understand the most common validity requirements for a UK visa. Let’s start!

Choose the Appropriate Visa Form

To make your immigration application valid, you must apply for the visa through the appropriate form for your immigration category. You can check the immigration rules for each visa type on the United Kingdom’s public sector information website: GOV.UK. However, many people still don’t feel confident about accessing the internet to derive information. They can get help from expert immigration solicitors in the UK to choose the appropriate visa form according to their requirements and eligibility. 

Complete All Required Sections

Applicants must fill in all the compulsory sections specified in the application form. It won’t be a problem if you fill out the visa form online, as the system won’t allow you to submit a form without answering the mandatory questions and uploading the required documents. However, people filling out application forms on paper have to be cautious about this to make their immigration application valid.

Pay the Application Fee

It goes without saying that applicants must pay the fee associated with their visa category for the successful submission of forms. Applicants can also apply for a fee waiver (either whole or some). The applicant doesn’t have to pay the regular fee if the authority approves the request. Otherwise, applicants must pay the full application fee. 

Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge Fee

This fee is associated with applications that permit individuals to stay in the UK for more than six months when applying outside the UK or for any length of time when applying inside the UK. However, you don’t have to pay this fee if you apply for a short visit visa, permanent stay citizenship, or settlement visa. Some applicants also fall under a specific group exempt from this fee.

In most cases, the applicant must pay the healthcare fee first, then the application fee. Also, note that the Health Surcharge Fees will likely increase significantly in January 2024. We request you check the government website to learn more details about it or consult with immigration lawyers in the UK

Identity Validation

Applicants must also provide proof of identity to make their application valid. Proof of identity is described in Paragraph 34(5)(b) of the Immigration Rules. For example, a valid passport is accepted as a valid identification document. The applicant can also submit his national identity card if he doesn’t have a passport. If applicants don’t have any valid passport, national ID card, old passport, or old ID card, they can also submit a valid travel document. 

Fulfilling Visa Application and Biometrics

The UK visa authority has set out specific rules that applicants must follow to make their applications valid. You can learn more about them on GOV.UK’s visa and immigration pages. For example, you must provide your fingerprints and photo to the authority, choose a time and place for an appointment with visa officials, and meet the authority with needed documents. Kindly note that the GOV. UK ID Check app allows people to confirm their identity online so they can access certain government services hassle-free. This app works by matching users’ faces to their photo IDs. Applicants who can use this app can skip the appointment. We hope the above tips will help you make your immigration application valid. You can also contact Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), a house of leading immigration lawyers in the UK, for personalized advice and assistance in immigration matters. Consult us now to conquer the UK visa maze.

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