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The UK’s New Points-Based Immigration System: Here Are the Changes That You Should Know

News & Articles

The UK’s New Points-Based Immigration System: Here Are the Changes That You Should Know

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
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The UK government revised the work and student visa rules after the 2016 European Union referendum to cover both EU and non-EU immigration. They made some changes in the existing regulations that came into light by the end of 2020 and got labelled as the new points-based immigration system. This new system is almost the same as what was in place for non-EU immigrants before Brexit. It retained most of the previous visa categories with some adjustments and continued emphasising employer sponsorship. It was a critical change in the immigration policy. 

This guide aims to shed light on the changes that the points-based immigration system has introduced. Knowing these facts will also help you understand the new system better. With that being said, let’s get started. 

Changes for Semi and High-Skilled Workers

The new points-based immigration system has emphasised a lot on the Skilled Worker visa programs for foreigners with job offers in the UK. It replaced the old Tier 2 work permit. Individuals still require a job offer and should possess good English language ability in order to qualify for a Skilled Worker visa. However, they can now be sponsored for middle-skilled occupations instead of just high-skilled ones. Some other changes made in the new system are as follows:

  1. The minimum salary range has been reduced. The lowest possible level has been decided, £20,480. 
  2. Authority has also eliminated the requirement of job advertisements in the UK first. 
  3. The annual quota has also been removed. 

The new system has also introduced additional changes to work visas. It typically includes two new paths for highly skilled workers: 

  1. High Potential Individual (HPI) visa
  2. Scale-up Worker visa

What About Low-Skilled Workers?

The new points-based immigration system states that workers cannot be employed from abroad to fill vacancies that require low-skilled workers. Social care and seasonal horticulture sector are excluded from this rule. The lack of general migration rules for lower-skilled workers has been contentious among a few stakeholders.

The UK’s immigration and visa laws are constantly evolving. The new points-based immigration system was just an outcome of that. In such a scenario, you must have a UK Immigration lawyer in your team who can help you navigate through the new system in a hassle-free way and improve your chance of getting the visa you want. 

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