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British Immigration Law Overview and the Responsibilities of the Immigration Solicitors

News & Articles

British Immigration Law Overview and the Responsibilities of the Immigration Solicitors

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Personal Immigration Solicitor in Stoke On Trent

In his book The Rule of Law, Tom Bingham wrote that the law “must be accessible and so far as possible intelligible, clear and predictable”. The idea behind this thought was simple: self-evident. After all, no one can play a game without knowing its rules. The same notion can also be applied to many aspects of life. Take immigration, for example. No one can migrate legally without the proper knowledge of country-specific immigration laws. Unfortunately, the migration law of any country is anything but easily accessible, precise, or intelligible. Ours is no different.

Thankfully an expert immigration lawyer can help you navigate through the complex immigration process and make you eligible to enter and stay in a country, in our case, the United Kingdom. They are educated and trained to work in proactive and reactive ways, ensuring clients’ unique demands are met. 

This post aims to shed light on the various areas of immigration law, different visa types, and the responsibilities of immigration lawyers. By the end of this post, you will also learn about the leading immigration solicitor firm you can trust to make your immigration process hassle-free. With that being said, let’s dive into the discussion. 

Immigration Law and Visas in the UK

A UK visa is nothing but a stamp in your passport or other official document issued by a British consulate or embassy. Acquiring a visa is an integral part of the immigration process, and it is regulated by the immigration law. The visa type an individual needs to immigrate to the UK depends on several factors ranging from an applicant’s nationality to his purpose of visiting the country. Some common visa types under the UK immigration law are as follows:

  1. Skilled worker visa that allows an applicant to work in the UK 
  2. Student visa that allows an applicant to study in the UK
  3. Family and partner visas are designed for family reunification 
  4. Visa applications for investors and business persons 
  5. Indefinite leave to remain application helps applicants settle in the UK 
  6. Sponsor licences for organisations allow companies to employ overseas talent

Overall, we would conclude that an applicant can apply and obtain a UK visa for several purposes, including:

  1. Business 
  2. Job
  3. Education
  4. Long-term residence
  5. Joining family which is already in the UK
  6. Refugee status
  7. Tourism
  8. Transit via the UK 

Responsibilities of the Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers, in general, act for private companies, organisations, or individuals regarding their immigration and nationality issues. Personal immigration solicitors from Stoke on Trent or other cities particularly focus on private individuals who require handholding support, legal guidance, advice, and representation for their immigration case. Their responsibilities also include assembling evidence for clients and making their cases stronger. 

Hire the Best Lawyer for Your Immigration

Immigration law is a complex topic. Lawyers’ holistic legal knowledge is critical to help clients navigate through the tangling field of law. The process gets more complicated for cases that are also related to social welfare, human rights, mental health, and employment. In such a scenario, the best firm you can trust for legal help and representation is Intime Immigration Ltd(Intime Solicitors)

Our expert legal team is well-educated, experienced, and trained. Most importantly, they always take a stand for clients. Hire your personal immigration solicitor in Stoke on Trent from Intime Immigration to get what you deserve.

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