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News & Articles

What’s New in the UK Immigration Law Updates in 2024

News & Articles

What’s New in the UK Immigration Law Updates in 2024

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
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Immigration laws are always changing and this year has been super crazy. The UK government has made a bunch of big updates to its immigration system.

If we briefly summarise – anyone can find that they increased all the fees for visas and stuff. The Immigration Health Surcharge fee went up by 66%! The UK government also made major changes to the salary requirements for skilled worker visas and family visas. So yes, if you’re planning to move to or live in the UK, you’ll need to deal with all these new rules and higher costs.

Today, We Will Break Down New Immigration Law Updates in 2024

Immigration Health Surcharge Increase : 

Well, from February 6, 2024, the UK government hiked up the Immigration Health Surcharge fee. But what percentage? A massive 66%! Yes….. that’s a huge jump. Now what will happen is that, for most Skilled Worker visa applications, people now have to pay £1,035 for each year of their sponsorship, instead of the previous £624 per year. 

Higher Salary Requirements for Skilled Workers : 

From next spring, the minimum salary requirement for overseas workers is going to increase by nearly 50%. Yes…. you read it correctly. The current cost is £26,200 which will be a whopping £38,700.

This increased amount will definitely make things tough for businesses that need to hire foreign talent due to a lack of local workers. 

Removal of the Shortage Occupation List : 

The UK government announced that they’re removing the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) and replacing it with something called the Immigration Salary List (ISL) in December 2023. 

If you wanted to come to the UK for a job listed on the SOL, you could benefit from lower salary requirements, cheaper application fees, and maybe even relaxed skill-level rules. This SOL is created by the UK government, but they takes advice from an independent body called the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) that keeps an eye on migration-related issues.

Now, the government is also removing the 20% discount on the “going rate” salary for shortage occupations.

The MAC will review this new salary list against the increased salary thresholds, which will likely reduce the number of job roles included compared to the previous SOL.

More Updates – 

Well, there are more updates too! Like, from January 31, 2024, foreign workers visiting the UK on a Visitor visa can now attend online meetings and work remotely for their overseas employer while in the UK. But they can not be officially transferred or “seconded” to a UK branch or company. And this remote work can not be the main reason for their visit.

There is another update starting March 11, 2024. It says that people coming to the UK on a Health and Care Worker Visa with certain job codes (6145 and 6146) will not be allowed to bring any family members (dependants) with them. But this new rule doesn’t apply to those who were already on this visa before March 11.

There is also a change in UK Family Visas. It says that from April 11, 2024, the minimum income requirement for partners who are applying under this visa is increasing from £18,600 to £29,000 per year. However, it will rise to £38,700 by early 2025. 

Lastly, the salary threshold for the Senior/Specialist Worker and UK Expansion Worker visas under the Global Business Mobility category is also updated. It is going up from £45,800 to £48,500.

Bottom Line – 

The UK immigration laws are going through many changes. If you are applying for a UK immigration Visa, don’t worry! Intime Immigration Solicitors has got your back.

Our team of licensed immigration solicitors and lawyers is your gateway to making sense of these complex rules. Whether it’s a personal visa or a business immigration matter, we’ll guide you through the whole process.

We’ll ensure you have all the necessary documents on point and meet every single criteria before you hit that “Apply” button.So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website today or give us a call to discuss your UK immigration or visa needs!

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