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UK Spouse Visa Refusals: How to Get Over the Challenge

News & Articles

UK Spouse Visa Refusals: How to Get Over the Challenge

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
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So, are you all set to fly to Manchester, UK, and join your partner there? We guess yes! After all, you’re amazingly excited to join your better half after a long time. But, what if your spouse visa is rejected? What will you do then?

Well, a spouse visa refusal is no surprise at all! Every year, so many individuals apply for a spouse visa to the UK to join their partner there, and many face this unexpected challenge when the visa gets rejected. 

So, if you face the same, do you know what to do next? Not sure? We can help you navigate this challenge. Let’s get started. 

Why Would A Spouse Visa Be Rejected? 

It goes without saying that the unexpected refusal of the marriage visa leaves the partner heartbroken, as they may have to wait some more months to join their spouse there. However, you can avoid this mishap if you know the common reasons for spouse visa refusal in the UK. Such as:

1: Not meeting the financial requirements-

In the UK, the financial requirement to apply for a spouse visa is a minimum of 18,600 pounds per year for the applicant without having a child. This threshold can increase if your children are included. It is imperative to provide accurate financial documents as proof to clarify that you meet the economic criteria. Otherwise, your marriage visa may be rejected. 

2: Not satisfying the relationship criteria-

It is the most common reason behind UK marriage visa refusal. In most cases, lacking adequate proof of relationship with your UK partner causes visa rejection from the Home Office. You need to provide substantial evidence proving that you two have a genuine and honest relationship, such as joint financial documents, WhatsApp and text messages, photographs, etc. It will help the Home Office understand the authenticity of your relationship. 

3: Unorganised application documents-

When it comes to a spouse visa application, presentation matters. Providing cluttered and unorganised applications may cause overlooking vital documents. As a result, the chances of marriage visa refusal increase. It is best to present your documents in order so all the required data is there.  

4: Immigration status problems of the UK sponsor-

The UK sponsor for the spouse visa is your partner or spouse settled there. He or she must be British or Irish or have a permanent resistance status here. Otherwise, your application for the marriage visa may be refused if the sponsor fails to satisfy these criteria. 

5: Hiding the past convictions-

Do you have any past criminal records? Not disclosing the fact can result in a visa refusal if the Home Office finds it out during your background check. It is best to be honest and upfront about it during the visa application. 

What to Do Next If the Spouse Visa Is Rejected

Unfortunately, if you experience a spouse visa refusal, it can be overwhelming to get out of it. However, you still have a chance to reunite with your better half in the UK if you take the following actions upon receiving a refusal letter from the Home Office:

Spouse visa refusal appeal

It is a formal procedure to challenge the decision of the Home Office. You can appeal their decision if you are confident an error has occurred in the judgement or interrupted your human rights. However, it can be a little complex. It starts with filling out the appeal form within a specific period, like 14 days if you are inside the UK and 28 days for those living outside. It may overturn the refusal decision if successfully applied, which means you can proceed with your marriage visa application.

Applying for a fresh UK marriage visa

After the visa refusal, if you find any errors in your application, it will be best to apply for a fresh spouse visa, considering all the possible reasons for its refusal. It will help you avoid the mistakes made before and strengthen the evidence required for the application. 

In Conclusion

UK spouse visa refusal can be overwhelming, especially when you want to appeal the decision. At this point, you need the right guidance to get over the situation and successfully win the case. It is best to seek expert advice from the best spouse visa solicitors in Manchester, UK, like us. At Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), we will help you understand the reasons behind the refusal and prepare for the next steps, ensuring the best outcomes. 

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