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UK Family Visa: Requirements, Extension and How to Apply

News & Articles

UK Family Visa: Requirements, Extension and How to Apply

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Family Visa Extension

UK family visas are a type of admission and residence permit that is granted to persons who wish to build a permanent family life with their UK-based relatives.

Many people who work in the United Kingdom want their relatives to visit or stay with them. Through a Family visa, the UK immigration policy permits families to stay together in the nation. To apply for a ‘family of a settled person visa, you must stay for at least 6 months.

Who requires a family visa to visit relatives in the United Kingdom?

With a family visa, you can visit the UK to see a family member who is currently living there. However, the process of the visa depends on certain metrics such as the nature of the relationship, the residence status of the applicant, the duration of the stay, etc. For those who are from other countries and wish to spend more than six months with relatives in the UK, there are four different UK family visas available. These are they:

  • Spouse or Partner visa
  • Child visa
  • Parents visa
  • Long-term care for a dependent relative requires a family visa.

What are the criteria for obtaining a UK Family Visa?

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old to visit Uk on a family visa. But this is not applicable to a child.
  • The applicant’s relationship with the person in the UK must be genuine and recognised in the UK.
  • After the application, the family member coming to the UK should be willing to reside with the partner or relative in the UK. This restriction does not apply to visitors who are coming to care for a youngster.
  • The relative who is visiting the UK must have a decent place to stay.
  • The family member who is visiting the UK should know the English language. For an adult-dependent, it is not required.
  • If an applicant is coming to the UK to join his or her spouse/partner, the applicant must be a civil or married partner or have been in a relationship for at least two years or be engaged to become a civil partner or married. Both parties must give proof that they have never been in a previous relationship. This visa holder will not be authorized to work throughout the engagement time.
  • If a person is bringing a child to the UK on this visa, the child must be under the age of 18 and the child’s name must be specified on the application. A separate application must be made for the child.
  • Those who are planning to visit the UK to take care of a child must prove that the child is below the age of 18 and the applicant is the only parent or caregiver of the child. The applicant must prove that he/she has the ability to support themselves financially while taking care of the child. 
  • Those who are planning to visit the UK to be taken care of by a grandchild, parent, brother, sister, son or daughter, have to prove that they are above 18 years. They must prove that they are in need of long-term care because of any illness, disability or other reasons.

What is the Processing Time for a UK Family Visa?

A family visa application takes approximately 12 weeks to process. If family members apply for an extension for the family visa, the department will process the request in at least 8 weeks. Premium applications can be approved the same day if an extension is requested.

If the application for an extension is complicated, the applicant will be notified and may be required to supply supporting documentation or attend an interview for personal reasons.

What are the fees for UK Family Visas?

The cost of a ‘family of a settled person’s visa varies according to the purpose of the trip.

The visa allows visitors to stay for up to two years and six months. They can seek an extension if they want to stay in the UK for longer. If they want to stay in the UK permanently, they can apply for it once they are qualified.

How to apply for a family visa?

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