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News & Articles

Intime Solicitors for Immigration Appeal: Get Comprehensive Assistance from Experts Who Are Familiar with the Process

News & Articles

Intime Solicitors for Immigration Appeal: Get Comprehensive Assistance from Experts Who Are Familiar with the Process

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Immigration Appeal UK
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Data suggests that the rejection rate of UK visa applications is approximately 15%. Many visa categories even have a higher rate of denial. The story with immigration applications is no different.

If the Home Office has also rejected your immigration application, we recommend appealing the decision. Recent reports have found that many immigration decisions are overturned at appeal. The success rate of immigration appeals has not dropped below 50% in recent years. So, it is worth trying if you have the right to appeal. In case you don’t have the right, you can at least ask for a judicial assessment as a means of appeal. But before taking any step, kindly note that immigration appeals may involve complex legal and procedural issues. Therefore, relying only on your DIY approach is not recommended when appealing against a visa or immigration decision.

Intime Immigration Ltd(Intime Solicitors), the leading visa solicitor and advisory firm, is well familiar with the immigration appeal process. Our lawyers are highly-trained, experienced, and globally admired for their diligence and dedication to clients. They have already handled many high-profile, complicated cases and are also ready to tackle your immigration appeal in the UK.

We assure to provide handholding support and comprehensive assistance throughout your immigration appeal process. Continue reading to learn more about us, which will help you understand the reasons to hire Intime Solicitors to represent you in immigration appeals.

Our Working Process

To start your appeal process with us, you are requested to book an appointment first. During the meeting, our lawyers will evaluate your current situation and understand your immigration appeal goals. After that, we will decide whether to take your case or not. 

If we take your case, then the first thing we will do is prioritise the groundwork to ensure you fulfill the requirements for an immigration decision appeal. After that, we will also represent you during the immigration appeal hearing in the UK.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a 5-star rated firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We have a proven track record of several years of handling complicated cases. Our clients love us because of the empathetic nature of our solicitors. They also have the ability to break down complex legal processes and technical jargon to help clients understand the ground of their cases.

During our years of journey, we have seen many individuals trying to handle their UK Immigration appeal on their own. Needless to say, the majority of them have failed in the process, and we all know why. Committing a single mistake while appealing may cause another refusal.

Partnering with Intime Solicitors for immigration appeals is considered the best way to get what you deserve. Our expert team of lawyers are committed to clients. We assure you they will do everything possible to keep pushing your case and never take ‘no’ for an answer. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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