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News & Articles

Business Visit Visa Relaxations in Manchester: Top Things You Need to Know

News & Articles

Business Visit Visa Relaxations in Manchester: Top Things You Need to Know

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Business Visit Visa Manchester

Understanding the rules of immigration is not easy, especially when thinking about a business visit to the UK. The latest changes in immigration rules, specifically for business visit visas, make it necessary to keep updated. 

In this blog, we will explain five key facts about the relaxations for business visit visas in Manchester in 2024, offering valuable insights for prospective business visitors.

Why Do People Opt for the Business Visit Visa in Manchester?

Manchester, a city full of commerce and industry, attracts numerous business visitors every year. People choose Manchester because it has a vibrant business setting, excellent connectivity to other places, and rich cultural heritage. This place holds various worldwide conferences, business assemblies, and trade exhibitions, which makes it perfect for business travelers. Choosing a Business Visit Visa (a subset of the Standard Visitor Visa) in Manchester lets you discover business opportunities, make new connections, and interact with the thriving business community. 

Which Relaxations Are Given for Business Visit Visas in 2024?

The UK Home Office has introduced several relaxations to the Business Visit Visa rules, effective from January 31, 2024:

  1. Internal Company Activities: Business visitors can take part more easily in their company’s internal activities, as there are no longer limits on client interactions.
  2. Secondary Client-Facing Tasks: While client interactions are allowed, these tasks must remain secondary to the visitor’s primary role with their foreign employer and should not involve transferring projects or services to an overseas company.
  3. Remote Working: Visitors can do remote work during their visit, but it should not be the only reason for their trip.
  4. Research-Related Activities: The permissions given to scientists, researchers, and visiting scholars to carry out research activities have been made broader.
  5. Legal Professional Activities: While on a Business Visit Visa, legal professionals can do more activities like consultation and arbitration.

These relaxations intend to boost the flexibility of the Business Visit Visa, streamline business activities, and make a good impact on the UK’s economy.

What are the Benefits of the Business Visit Visa Relaxation in Manchester?

In Manchester, the relaxation for the Business Visit Visa offers several benefits, including the following-

  • Access to Key Business Events: Visa holders can participate in conferences, fairs, and business meetings, which increases their professional connections.
  • More Flexibility: The new visa regulations allow for greater flexibility in carrying out business activities, including interaction with clients that were not allowed before.
  • Research and Collaboration: The possibilities for scientists, researchers, and visiting scholars to do different types of research-related activities are now increasing. This will help in creating collaboration and new ideas.
  • Legal Activities: Professionals in law can get involved in consulting, arbitration, and other legal actions, expanding their professional field.
  • Application is Easy: The integration of Permitted Paid Engagements (PPE) into the standard visitor route simplifies the application process, making it more accessible for business travelers.

Intime Immigration Limited – Your Trusted Partner:

Do you want to navigate the maze of business visas and immigration laws? Don’t worry! Intime Immigration Solicitors have got your back. 

Our experienced and skilled immigration solicitors can assist you with various business visa applications, such as sponsorship licenses, innovator visas, start-up visas, skilled worker visas, etc. We ensure to simplify the UK business immigration process for you by making sure all visa requirements are met correctly.


The recent relaxations in the Business Visit Visa offer new opportunities to those coming for business visits in Manchester. Knowing and using these benefits can greatly improve your business trip experience in the UK. 

For expert advice and help with your visa application, Intime Immigration Solicitors is available to assist you in navigating the complexities of UK immigration law efficiently and successfully.

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