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British Citizenship: Benefits, Requirements and How to Apply

News & Articles

British Citizenship: Benefits, Requirements and How to Apply

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
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When people plan to emigrate to the UK, Naturalisation(i.e the British Citizenship application) is the journey to Journey to citizenship. British citizenship comes with many advantages. Here you will learn about many advantages of applying for British Citizenship.

Before you look for an immigration lawyer for citizenship near me on the internet, discover the advantages of applying for a British Citizenship

Right to Live in the UK

Once you get British Citizenship, you can freely live in the United Kingdom without any kind of restrictions. You can leave and return to the country as per your wishes and there will be no more restrictions on time for long you can be overseas.

British Passport

A British Passport allows one to travel to 188 countries and territories without any visa or visa application. Your British passport is not just the evidence of citizenship, it is the key to travel to multiple countries all across the globe.

Right to Work and Study in the UK

With British Citizenship, you will be allowed to study and work freely in the UK. There will be no need to get permission to study or work.

Access to National Health Service (NHS)

The publicly funded healthcare system is highly regarded in the UK. As a British Citizen, you have the right to access free healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS).

Right to Vote in UK Elections

With British Citizenship, you will be allowed to participate to vote in the election. Your voting rights include national and local elections and referendums; you can stand for public office as a citizen.

Right to Claims Public Funds- People living in the Uk with a visa, are generally restricted from accessing to claim UK state benefits. However, people with British Citizenship, have complete access to claim public funds such as child benefits, jobseeker’s allowances, etc.

Requirements to Apply for British Citizenship

  • You should be at least 18 years
  • You should have stayed in the UK for 3 consecutive years before applying for British Nationality.
  • You need to make sure the total number of abscesses from the UK does not exceed 270 days
  • You will be required to hold for at least 12 months Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
  • You should have any serious or recent criminal record, but possess a good character.
  • You should also comply with the UK immigration rules through the qualifying period.
  • You should provide proof of knowledge of the language. That’s why you need to fulfil the English Language requirements and obtain a good score on the life in the UK test.
  • And, you should also show your intention to remain in the UK.

How long does it take to complete your British Citizenship Application?

The process of British Citizenship application is never an easy one. You need to fulfil a set of various criteria to prove that you are eligible to become a UK national. The British Citizenship application process can last up to 6 months if you meet all criteria and your submitted documents are all correct.

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