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Best Spouse Visa Solicitors to Help you with The Requirements, Fees, Processing Time etc.

News & Articles

Best Spouse Visa Solicitors to Help you with The Requirements, Fees, Processing Time etc.

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
best spouse visa solicitors

The Spouse Visa, which belongs to the Family visa category, allows British citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouses who reside outside of the UK to the UK.

If you want to enter and stay in the UK to live with a partner (spouse/fiance) for more than six months, you will need a UK spouse visa, also referred to as a marriage visa UK.

How to be eligible for UK Spouse Visa?

Both the UK resident and the applicant who want to join them in the UK must meet certain requirements established by the UK Immigration Authorities in order to be eligible for the UK Spouse visa. Since British law does not recognise marriages between people under the age of 18, the key requirement for the Spouse visa is that both the resident and the applicant be over 18.

The following additional requirements are:

  • Your partner must be a British citizen.
  • In the UK, your marriage or civil partnership must be accepted.
  • When you apply, your relationship must be at least two years old (this is to prevent arranged marriages which the British law does not recognize).
  • If you are engaged, you must provide evidence that you will wed within six months.
  • If you are a planned civil partnership, you must provide evidence that you will form a civil partnership within six months.
  • The UK-residing partner must fulfill the financial criterion.
  • The applicant needs to be proficient in English.

Application for a UK Spouse Visa

If you are applying from outside the UK, you must do so online. You must fill out form VAF4A in order to start your application for a UK spouse visa.

If you live in the UK, though, you have two options. Applying is possible online or by mail. A premium service centre is where you may also apply. You will need to either complete the form and schedule an appointment or create an online application and schedule one.

How to apply while bringing your kids?

If both of the following apply, you may add children as dependents on your application:

They are not living an independent life, they are under the age of 18 when you apply for leave or when they first get granted leave.

Note: If your child has left home, married, or has children, for instance, they are living independently.

What is the fee for a UK spouse visa?

The expenses for a UK Spouse Visa vary depending on how you apply. You must pay a cost of £1,464 if you apply for a UK spouse visa to move in with your partner from abroad. While the fee for applying for a Spouse Visa in the UK will run you £993 if you do so online or by mail and £1,583 if you do so in person using the premium service

When Can I Apply for a UK Spouse Visa?

It can take up to 8 weeks to 12 weeks to get your UK spouse visa approved if you apply within the UK using online or postal means. However, if you apply in person in the UK, you will receive a response to your application for a UK spouse visa within a day.

However, processing an application can require more time if

  • You don’t make enough money to qualify.
  • Cannot demonstrate your command of English.
  • Possess a criminal history.
  • Have not submitted all the necessary documentation.

How long am I permitted to remain in the UK on a spouse visa?

You will be granted permission to remain in the UK for two years and six months if you have applied to join your husband; but, if you have applied as a fiance or potential civil partner, you will only be granted permission to remain for six months. You will need to extend your stay after this time.

How can I apply for a spouse visa extension in the UK?

28 days before your current UK visa expires, you may submit an application for a spouse visa extension. You will need to demonstrate, among other things, that you and your partner have lived together consistently throughout your time in the UK, to get a visa extension.

Should you approach the best spouse visa solicitors?

There are various types of detailed supporting documentation needed for spouse visa applications since you must demonstrate that you meet all eligibility requirements. Your applications may be rejected if you don’t provide these documents or don’t meet the eligibility standard set by the government. Applying with a UK visa solicitor will reduce your risk of having your application denied. They will advise you on how to submit all the required paperwork to get your visa approved quickly and affordably.

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