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A Quick Guide by UK Immigration Solicitors: How to Win an Immigration Appeal

News & Articles

A Quick Guide by UK Immigration Solicitors: How to Win an Immigration Appeal

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Immigration Appeal

Have you recently submitted an immigration application in the UK? Well, the possible outcome can be either approval or rejection. Generally, most applicants expect a positive response from the UK Home Office. But, since the UK has many complicated immigration rules regarding the application process, your request can be denied sometimes. And, in this case, you have three options- Applying fresh or for judicial review and submitting an appeal against the decision of the Home Office if you have a right to appeal.

Now, if you are going for the last alternative to overturn the initial decision and obtain the immigration status you desire, know how to win the appeal besides hiring top UK immigration lawyers. Here, we have shared some helpful tips regarding that. 

UK Immigration Lawyers’ Top Tips on Winning an Immigration Appeal 

According to recent research, the First Tier Tribunal in the UK deals with asylum and immigration appeals, which was around 26211 from April 2020 to March 2021. And, nearly 50% of the cases have remained triumphant. You have to prepare a successful immigration appeal to succeed, which starts with understanding the process.

What Is Immigration Appeal?

UK immigration appeal is a legal procedure to challenge the decision of the Home Office for immigration application refusal. Here, you get a chance to represent your case to the tribunal to change the initial decision and get your immigration status. It starts by applying for the appeal within 28 days of receiving the Home Office decision. Then, you have to submit all your documentation supporting your case and attend a hearing to present your case, where an immigration panel or judge reviews it and makes the decision. 

However, the overall procedure can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s why it’s wise to work with the best immigration lawyer in the UK

Why Does the Home Office Disapprove Immigration Application?

To win the immigration appeal, you need to know the reason for rejection first. Well, there are a few key reasons for immigration application refusals in the UK, such as:

  • Proving wrong details in the application form
  • Unintentional errors
  • Wrong form application
  • Not paying the Home Office fees or paying insufficient fees
  • Not having enough eligibility proof
  • Having a criminal history 
  • Fail to provide evidence of your purpose to visit the UK
  • Suspicious bank account transactions
  • Choosing the wrong visa category 
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Doubtful monthly income and much more

Now, if you have the right to appeal, there will be a hearing in the tribunal where an immigration judge will allow or dismiss your case. If dismissed, you need to apply for a fresh appeal, whereas they will reconsider your immigration application if your case is approved.  

Note: If you think that the reason behind your application rejection is an error of law by the Home Office verdict, you can find a way to change the decision through the appeal to show a worthy cause where experienced immigration lawyers in the UK can help you get the chances to win the appeal. 

How Is the Immigration Appeal Process?

UK immigration appeal procedure involves explaining your reasons against the Home Office decisions regarding your immigration application rejection at the First-tier Tribunal. To win the appeal, you need to prove the decision as incorrect and present evidence accordingly. Here’s the process step-by-step:

  • Applying for the appeal (within 28 days)
  • Preparing for the case with an immigration solicitor where you can ask the expert to represent your case at the hearing
  • Attending the hearing
  • Waiting for the decision for further steps, like if unsuccessful, you need to appeal the decision at the Upper Tribunal

How to Win the Immigration Appeal

First, involve an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer in the UK to help you prepare and represent your case at the hearing. Hence, if you even mess up somewhere during the process, these experts will assist you in every step of the appeal procedure so you understand every law and regulation hassle-free.

Second, make sure you provide solid and accurate documentation which can prove your eligibility for UK immigration. Work with an immigration solicitor to arrange the documents in the required order! It’s the best way to achieve the success of your appeal.  

Third, the UK tribunal has a set of guidelines that you must follow while making an immigration appeal application. However, if you are well aware of the exact guidelines required to follow for your appeals or you need to comply while submitting it, get help from immigration lawyers. They will ensure your appeal stays on track and comply with all the Tribunal guidelines. 

Intime Immigration Limited- Top UK Immigration Lawyers to Help You Winning Immigration Appeals

At Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), we have the best team of top immigration solicitors in the UK. Our experts can help you win immigration appeals throughout the process, from lodging an appeal to documentation to representing your case. 

So, if your immigration request has been rejected and you have decided to apply for an immigration appeal, contact us now for the best advice or schedule a consultation today!

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