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5 Considerations to Make When Hiring UK Immigration Lawyers

News & Articles

5 Considerations to Make When Hiring UK Immigration Lawyers

News & Articles Chester Manchester UK
Immigration Lawyers in UK

UK immigration laws are complicated and ever-changing. So, if you don’t belong to this field or don’t stay up-to-date with the changes, it will probably be difficult to handle your immigration application alone. That’s why the smartest decision you can make is to hire top immigration lawyers in the UK for legal guidance regarding visa applications to the UK for businesses, families and even individuals, including representation if required. 

However, not every immigration solicitor is efficient enough to take care of such cases. That’s why it is imperative to consider a few essential factors. We are here to share some ideas. Let’s dive in.

Most Important Factors to Consider While Hiring the Best Immigration Lawyers in the UK

Immigration lawyers don’t just help you with the immigration process at every stage but deal with removal proceedings and deportation and provide legal advice throughout. A simple mistake can cause your visa refusal from the Home Office. Yet, considering the following factors is necessary to ensure your immigration matter is in safe hands.


Experience matters when it comes to hiring an immigration solicitor since it’s a specialised area of law that not every lawyer is not an expert at. The immigration lawyer you are choosing should have an understanding of the UK immigration rules and regulations. Also, the expert must have experience handling similar cases of yours. Also, ensure that the lawyer has a success rate in the immigration cases and issues you need help with. 

However, past success doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome for the future. Still, you can determine the experience level through a successful track record. 


In immigration cases, consultation with your lawyers is essential. Yet, you have to ensure that the immigration solicitor you are going to hire is accessible and responsive during urgency as immigration matters are time-sensitive. So, before hiring, ensure that the expert or his team of lawyers is available to assist in need. 

Note: While asking your immigration lawyer about availability, make sure to confirm their preferred method of communication, like emails, calls, or meeting in person. It will help you find the one you can comfortably communicate with.

Communication Skills-

Communication is an imperative step in the immigration process. Whether applying for a UK immigration visa or going for an immigration appeal after a visa refusal by the Home Office, effective communication can provide an effective solution. 

That’s why look for a top immigration lawyer nearby with efficient communication ability and responsiveness towards your queries and concerns in a way you can easily understand. Also, the expert should have expertise in preparing your immigration paperwork accurately. 


Although UK immigration lawyers handle cases nationwide, you better choose someone in the same state or city you live in. Thus, meeting the solicitor in person will be easier and quicker during urgency. Moreover, you will get a better understanding of the complicated immigration cases and the local laws. Yet, learn in which location your lawyer’s office is before hiring. 


The charge of an immigration lawyer depends on the experience of the solicitor and the complexity of your case. Before you hire one, ask about the fee structure, including the retainer upfront and type of charging, like flat fee, hourly or contingency fee. Meanwhile, consider paying for the additional costs, such as translation fees and filing your case. Knowing the payment ahead can help you ideate and prepare for the required funds.

Best Immigration Lawyers in the UK Available Right Here

Immigrating to the UK can be exciting but overwhelming, and so is the immigration process. In fact, it’s complicated due to a lot of paperwork and legal formalities. And, without immigration, things may get more challenging. 

So, when seeking an experienced immigration lawyer nearby, count on us. At Intime Immigration Limited(Intime Solicitors), we have efficient and skilled immigration solutions specialising in UK immigration laws and navigating the legal process. We will represent you in court, advise, and guide you throughout the procedure. 

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